Ageing Skin

Professional skincare advice for ageing skin

Your skin is a wonderful and hard working organ. It can look after itself very well. As we age we lose moisture and begin to notice the visible signs of ageing-- skin laxity, uneven tone, dull skin, loss of volume and fine lines. This is something that starts to happen from our mid 20s. We can help this process with certain treatments, products and lifestyle factors in order to age well.

Skin ageing is natural but external factors, for example, pollution, sun damage, consuming sugar and alcohol, and smoking, all accelerate skin ageing. These factors cause damage to cells, triggering wrinkles and decreasing the natural ability of the skin to repair itself. At the same time, skin cell telomeres are shortened every time the cell divides. Once the length of the telomeres drops below the critical minimum, the cell can no longer divide and the cell loses its integrity. This is a crucial part of the ageing process which BYONIK® can help prevent

Recommended Treatments for ageing skin

 All My services have a focus on the ageing process as well as treating specific concerns. 
Byonik , Skin Pen , Infusions,
Laser Resurfacing , IPL 

Recommended Products for ageing skin

In addition to a good foundation of skin care product I like ; 
Stem Factors 
Antioxidant serums 
Vitamin A