Dyschromia & Pigmentation Disorders

Professional skincare advice for Dyschromia & Pigmentation Disorders

Your skin has cells called melanocytes.  These melanocytes contain melanosomes that are responsible for the colour of your skin.  The more melanosomes that are present, the darker the colour of the skin.  On the flip side, the fewer melanosomes present, the lighter the colour of the skin.  A disorder in the uniformity of the skin’s pigmentation is called dyschromia skin.

How is dyschromia expressed?

Since the condition is a disorder of the pigmentation of the skin, we see it expressed in many common ways.  Generally, it shows as hyperpigmentation or dark patches of skin surrounded by lighter skin.  Skin conditions that are examples of dyschromia definition skin are:

  • Freckles
  • Age Spots
  • Lentigines
  • Melasma
  • Liver Spots
  • Chloasma / Melasma

Many expressions of hyperpigmentation occur following sunlight exposure.  They are more prevalent in places like the face, arms, and hands. However, conditions like melasma and chloasma are caused by hormonal fluctuations.  Age and liver spots are two of the most common forms of dyschromia.

Selecting skincare products for pigmentation & dyschromia

Topical products for treatment pigmentation are crucial. No1 is sufficient use of an SPF daily. If you are not wearing spf and therefore not protecting yourself from over exposure to UV there is little point in investing in treatment.

Tyrosinase inhibitors – this will slow down the production of melanin and will brighten the skin. These will usually offer extra protection to your skin also.

Popular for Pigmentation are Hydroquinone which is a prescription strength topical I source from Obagi Medical.

Skin Better Alto Defence and Even Tone ,Alpharet Peel pads and a good Vitamin A – This has many skin benefits and will also help with pigment and skin tone. Vitamin A takes time to work within your skin.

Recommended Treatments for Pigmentation & Dyschromia

Skin Infusions/Skin Peels
Skin Pen Precision

Recommended Products for Pigmentation & Dyschromia

Sufficient use of a daily SPF.
Tyrosinase inhibitors 
Hydroquinone Obagi Medical.
Skin Better Alto Defence Even Tone
Alpharet Peel pads
Vitamin A