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Anti-Aging red & near infra-red light therapy
In just 10 minutes handLITE will leave hands feeling soft and hydrated with skin looking youthful and rejuvenated. The skin on our hands is often neglected and with exposure to many varied environments can often suffer severe signs of aging. At last, handLITE comes to the rescue! handLITE is the first home use LED device that treats your hands and wrists. Using clinically proven red and near infra-red light to help reduce fine lines, age spots and scarring. These combined wavelengths will help with the appearance of skin but they also have healing benefits which will help with sore, chapped and irritated skin. The near-infra red light can also help ease pain or discomfort that you may have in your joints due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

handLITE enables you to treat from within; targeting specific cells to repair and heal the skin from the inside out. Improving both the overall health of the skin and the appearance. Beautiful skin at the touch of a button.