Apothaka Comfort Hydrate 50ml

Apothaka Comfort Hydrate 50ml


A gentle & soothing medium weight moisturiser formulated to hydrate the skin and support the skin barrier.
Omega-rich oils: hempseed, jojoba and sunflower oils replenish lipids lacking in dry skin which are needed to maintain a healthy skin barrier, as well as offering antioxidant properties

Colloidal oat: possesses anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activities from the presence of avenanthramides; soothes, comforts and protects dry, irritated skin whilst strengthening the skin barrier

Skin replenishing ceramides: key components of your skin’s natural lipid mix that help to form a protective layer

Formulated without fragrance or essential oils & alcohol. Suitable for normal-dry and sensitive skin but it may also suit those with combination skin as a night moisturiser if a richer texture is preferred (compared to skin quenching moisturiser). It can be combined with oil for something a little richer at night, and it can also be layered over skin quenching moisturiser.

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