The BYONIK® – Pulse Triggered Laser is the world’s only system that repairs skin at a cellular level and locks in hydration at the same time.

Telomeres form the ends of our chromosomes – you can picture them as being like the ends of shoelaces (they become frayed once we get older). Every time a cell divides the telomeres become shorter and shorter until they are gone. Most cells can replicate approximately 50 times before the telomeres become too short.

At this point the cell simply ages and is no longer able to replicate. Some researchers believe that telomeres are the “secret to longevity”. Any invasive / ablative or traumatising treatments force the skin cells to divide to form new ones, thus shortening the telomeres. In the short term this results in better looking skin but ultimately is pro-aging. On the other hand, the BYONIK® treatment protects the telomeres, slows down the aging process and is therefore considered to be “true anti-aging”.

The BYONIK® laser combines two wavelengths, 658nm and 806nm, for a non-invasive and non-ablative treatment to the skin. Whilst red light 658nm helps boost collagen generation[2] and is antibacterial[1], near-infrared light 806nm enhances the detoxification of collagen and elastic fibres[3] as well as enhancing the metabolism of the epidermal cells. The BYONIK® Pulse-Triggered-Laser adjusts its frequency to each individual person’s pulse during the entire treatment and therefore allows maximal antioxidant absorption from the HA Gel into the epidermal cells. 

With this laser technology working at a cellular level, cell metabolism is stimulated, telomeres are protected and vital cellular function is improved.  Dermal and epidermal cells literally become more “youthful” with this cellular rejuvenation process, reversing the visible signs of ageing.


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Rebecca Gibney

Caroline has been amazing! I started going to Caroline about a year before my wedding as I suffer from bad pigmentation. Caroline went through the best options for me and give me a personalised skin care routine that was reviewed and tweaked monthly with visits and recommended products and the results were amazing! She was always on hand to answer anything I needed and I could never have believed before I started on my skin journey that we would have received the results we did. 

Jennifer Hebenton

Every experience I have had with Caroline has been a positive one. Caroline is a fountain or knowledge, Any problem I have had with my skin she has been able to solve. Her warm personality and her professional manner makes the whole experience even better. I would 100% recommend her.

Glasgow Girl

Fantastic! Caroline is both professional and delightful! What I loved about my last visit is being reassured she will not decided on exactly what treatment to give until she sees your skin. The service is tailored to exactly what your skin needs and her service is adapted to function to what's best for you! I can highly recommend Caroline and have happily handed over my face to her skilled hands!

Rebecca Gibney

I continue to see Caroline to help manage my skin and I couldn’t be happier. I can’t thank Caroline enough for getting my skin wedding ready and helping my confidence by treating my pigmentation- it really made a huge difference and I am so glad she was recommended to me and I would highly recommend her to anyone worried about their skin!

Gillian Welsh

As a chronic acne sufferer with 2 failed courses of roaccutane & having tried many different skin care regimes and products in the past 15 or so years I felt like I had exhausted all options for calming my skin. My acne was active, painful and unsightly when I attended my first appointment. Caroline assured me we could improve my skin condition and looked at all aspects of my lifestyle and skin care regime and advised me on small changes to get the best results. What I loved best about the initial series of appointments was that each one was specifically tailored to how my skin was behaving at that time. We have now moved on to Skin Pen sessions to tackle the scarring as I have no active breakout left to treat.

Emer Murray

Fantastic, professional and personable service. As an overseas client I have been amazed at Caroline's skin analysis, expertise and product recommendations for my skin which has never been so well looked after. Delivery is always super quick and she is always available for questions and guidance on any concerns. Caroline is an expert at what she does, so much so she can work her magic from across the Irish sea!

Ellen Taylor

Caroline is amazing! I’ve been going to her for my skin for nearly a year!! and she’s completely sorted it out, helped me with my skin routine and it helps that the chat is always great too. any treatment i get is always explained well and is super relaxing!! i would recommend her to anyone that asked :)

Dale Burke

It has been the best investment I have ever made in my skin. Caroline has gotten my skin from something I was cautious of every day to me now feeling completely confident in my skin to even getting compliments on my skin. I wouldn't go anywhere else! Amazing service.

Gillian Welsh

I couldn’t recommend Caroline and her expertise enough. She’s knowledgable, professional and fantastic at her job.

Elizabeth Evans

Caroline couldn't have been more welcoming, made the consultation very relaxing while remaining professional. Clearly very knowledgeable from her experience and studies we talked about my skin care goals and I underwent the CosMedic Benefit skin peel treatment with the Celluma LED Light Therapy. This was beyond relaxing and I have had a great result from it: Reduction in deep and fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes. I will certainly be coming back and recommending you to everyone. Thank you!